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About The Middle Earth Legion

The Middle Earth Legion is a fun, social and relaxed Kinship who's aim is to focus on all aspects of the game. We welcome all different skill levels for both casual players and those who are more dedicated with the goal of providing a helpful and rewarding atmosphere in which to get the most out of Lotro no matter what your play style or focus. Whether here to attempt the end-game instances, get a kick out of crafting, are an altoholic or just grateful to be questing in the beautiful Middle-Earth, as a Kin we help other members whenever we can, be that with raids, 6-man instances, offering advise or simply a friendly hello when we login. MEL conducts regular instances both in quest mode and harddmodes, and also activley promotes help with books, lower level content, offering advice and most importantly helping and supporting our members. The Middle Earth Legion make our home on the European [EN] Gilrain server, and we are one of the oldest kinships on the server. If the description above appeal to you and you would like to join The Middle Earth Legion or you got an invitation in-game by one of our officers or members then the only thing you'll need to do is to follow these 3 steps beneath. We hope you'll enjoy playing with The Middle Earth Legion as much we like to help you get around in Middle Earth!

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